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We’re working on developing a version of Rekindling to help communities talk about the challenges of living through a pandemic. These are incredibly difficult and unprecedented times, and the team at Rekindling believes in the power of communication to heal, build empathy and strengthen our communities. This version of Rekindling will be free and accessible to all.

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“I had never heard you open up about your mom's diagnosis this much before we played this game. I didn't realize you were so stressed about the situation.”

— Customer Review
“This game is super fun, and we should definitely play it again. A board game is a great way to create a safe space for families to gather together and talk about things are that normally difficult to talk about. We love this game!"

— Customer Review
"It’s unique in that it fosters communication on difficult topics in a fun and safe way. I would love to have a version of 'rekindling' to use with my patients. In this way, I can help address some more difficult questions."

— Dianne Sullivan, Health Coach at Cigna


We will be launching our product in 2021! Stay tuned.

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