About Rekindling

Rekindling is a game that utilizes collaborative play to help facilitate difficult conversations and increase empathy and understanding. Rekindling can be played with family, friends, coworkers  - whoever you’d like to gather around for some fun and meaningful connection. The game contains prompts split into three categories: light hearted, thought provoking, and topical questions. Responding to the game prompts allows players to share their unique thoughts and personal perspectives, kickstarting conversations they can carry on post gameplay and deepening relationships.

What's in the game

The game consists of a game board that centralizes all the game components on it, 3 sets of prompt cards, a color die, 9 abstract building shapes, as well as some erasable answer boards and markers.

Game board

The game board is designed to help facilitate the flow of conversation. 

Prompt cards

The prompt cards consist of questions ranging from light-hearted, to thought-provoking, to topic specific.

The building shapes

9 pieces of abstract shapes allowing players to create a variety of abstract structures.

Meet the team

Meet the creators behind Rekindling!
“Difficult conversations can be made easier if you add elements of play to them. I'd love to help more people navigate through a difficult time.”

— Danielle Chen, CEO & Founder
“I'd love to see how Rekindling can help more families and patients better communicate with one another.”

— Terri Zhong, Marketing Strategist
“I believe 'Rekindling' can be a powerful tool to facilitate conversations we need to have where relationships play a key role.”

— Victor Yocco, Psychologist, PhD
“I believe this game is a necessary tool for people to talk about difficult situations within their family that are all too often avoided!”

— Deirdre MacFarlane

“Having faced many difficult conversations, I believe in the power of healthy communication, which is what I see Rekindling could bring to the world.”

— Hanya Moharram, Content Strategist
“Rekindling is the perfect product to help people make a stronger bond with each other through challenging conversations, while having fun in a safe environment.”

— Babara Carreno, Graphic Designer