It’s already the third month of quarantine. Let me tell you how many Netflix shows I have watched so far… you ready? Tiger King, The Circle, All American, Love is Blind, Kim’s Convenience Season 4, Marriage at First Sight, Never Have I Ever… and a few other movies here and there. Crazy right?! Before quarantine, I could never imagine myself spending so much time binge watching reality TV and shows. Now, my TV is constantly on as background noise when I cook, workout or clean. I probably couldn’t tell you what happened in half of these shows if you asked me to be honest.. Though it might not be the best way to spend my time, having something to watch kept me busy. During these difficult times, I think we all deserve to just let go a bit and enjoy the moment.


I have been taking advantage of the more open streets and minimal traffic during quarantine and biking through the city. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but I was always intimidated by all of the cars and aggressive Philly drivers. When I found myself with time on my social calendar, I decided I would give it a try. One day my partner and I drove down to Walmart (an adventure in and of itself) and I bought a bike! Since then, we have been taking long bike rides on the weekends. The time spent outside has been so necessary and has boosted our spirits. I was even brave enough one day to bike to work. Biking is a new activity I tried to keep busy during quarantine, but I definitely plan to continue even after this is all over.


Perhaps my sourdough starter sensed the start of quarantine, because , ever since this new lifestyle change  it has become incredibly more active. In celebration of the rebirth of my sourdough starter, I decided to challenge myself to try one new recipe using my starter each week until I run out of recipes to try. For those of you don’t know, in order to keep your sourdough starter alive or active, you need to constantly discard some of it and feed it with fresh flour and water. Most people who bake with sourdough starter get creative finding recipes to use their sourdough discard. Some of the most popular recipes I’ve seen so far include sourdough pizza, sourdough scallion pancakes and sourdough pancakes. And yes, I have tried all of these recipes already, and they were all a huge success!

I came across this joke the other day that said “Designers have begun putting their sourdough bread pictures on their websites as part of their portfolios during quarantine”. At first I laughed at the joke and felt called out. When I stopped to think about it, I thought to myself - isn’t food an art form and cooking just like the design process? Both cooking and design are iterative processes and take multiple tries to finesse, and there’s always more than one single way to get to the final product. Sometimes I think that my design background brought me onto the journey of baking, and sometimes I think it is the other way around. Regardless, baking has been keeping me sane and busy!


I started a fully remote job only a few weeks before going into quarantine, so it has been a strange transition. A new job and a new lifestyle are challenging adjustments under normal circumstances, and the current situation is by no means normal. Between work, side gigs, and all the social video calls I’ve been spending way too much time staring at a screen lately. So I’ve been making a concerted effort to keep busy by keeping my hands busy. I’ve been cooking and baking more - trying out new recipes and making things from scratch. (homemade dumplings anyone?!) I’ve also spent a lot more time with my sewing machine! I made some fabric masks, mended and tailored some of my clothes, and am in the process of sewing a prayer outfit for my roommate. When my fingers start to hurt from being on my laptop or scrolling on my phone I pick up a new macrame project. I have always loved making things, and especially when my brain is tired, I have a habit of keeping my hands busy.

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