It has become nearly impossible to find a bag of flour at the grocery store nowadays. As someone who bakes often, the growing flour shortage drew my attention and I started a flour hunting adventure. I was indeed running out of flour and not planning on exacerbating the shortage by hoarding. For a few weeks, I searched online endlessly and tried calling multiple stores in the hope that they might have some flour left in stock.  Unsurprisingly, I got a “no” from every place I called. I was devastated by the thought that I may not be able to bake for at least another month, and was about to give up when one day a friend of mine sent me a link to a restaurant supply store. Since restaurants are now closed or only doing delivery, they have minimized their inventory meaning that wholesale suppliers have plenty of flour in stock. I immediately dropped everything I on hand, opened my laptop, and placed an order for a 25lb bag of flour. So here I am, with a giant bag of flour which will probably last me through quarantine and help me stay calm and sane during this crazy time by indulging in a hobby that I’ve always enjoyed.


Getting to spend time with my 7-month-young Goldendoodle Kingston might be one of the few good things about quarantine. Kingston’s natural curiosity often leads him to follow us around the house and explore.Since we started quarantine, he has begun to show less and less interest in what we are doing. 

About two weeks ago, after seeing his bored face, I decided to chase Kingston around the house. I walk up to him, bend over, and whisper “Kingston, you ready?!” Then I would suddenly start chasing him with my arms in the air pretending to try to catch him. Kingston quickly caught on that I was playing with him and started running around the house. Imagine a grown woman in pajamas chasing a 50lb brown dog like crazy. Every time we play, it always ends when I run out of breath, not because Kingston is tired of me. I can’t wait until the day when Kingston and I can run around freely at the park!


Spending more and more time at home during quarantine has meant spending more time with my cat, Maple. Aside from my partner  and my coworkers, she is the only living creatureI’ve seen. I think I am starting  to believe that she understands what I’m saying to her - or at least it sometimes seems that way. I talk to her throughout the day, asking questions, as if she can answer back. Although I know she is more than capable of making noise - especially when her food bowl is dangerously close to being empty - she remains largely silent to this day. On more than one occasion my partner has asked - Are you talking to me or the cat?”  If only I could see into her little head and find out if she understands what I’m saying. I guess I’ll continue my one sided conversations until then.


I found myself making rice pudding one day early in quarantine, because what we all need right now is a rosy, cinnamon-y, creamy dessert of carbs and dairy. It is a nostalgic comforting dessert for me that reminds me of my mother and grandmother and a simpler time. It is also a bit of a time consuming process that requires a lot of slow stirring to ensure that the milk doesn't boil too much or burn and ruin the whole dish. Given that I found myself stuck at the stove and starting to get a bit stir crazy, I decided to go live on instagram and see what might happen!

I am the last person you might expect to start an IG live. I don't like being in the spotlight and I am definitely nowhere near being any sort of influencer. I didn't really expect anyone to join, but what ensued was about 30 minutes of chatting with two of my good friends, my cousin, and my sister. We talked about the rice pudding, my cats, and all sorts of other things. It was a fun break of character for me and I found that I actually quite enjoyed the experience. Who knows? I might just choose to do it again in the near future.

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